以身为棋, 胜天半子


Hey,我是天璇,Java 攻城狮,Apache、Alibaba等开源社区成员,常年出没于 Github、知乎、思否等地带。目前主要负责集团App后端开发以及维护、微服务技术实施、基础设施构建等工作,有幸参与过阿里健康、平安万家医疗等公司大型项目开发;17年有了自己的第一个工作室,解决各种公司的「疑难杂症」,实现「天马行空」的需求。一直在需求和开发之间徘徊挣扎,任处于一线开发之中,绝招尚在开发。




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Think of what you want to know what you need.

Hey, I’m Jiele Cao, Java engineer, such as the Apache & Alibaba open source contributor, found in all the year round lot, Github, zhihu, segmentfault. At present is mainly responsible for group App backend development and maintenance, micro services infrastructure, infrastructure construction, Had the opportunity with Alibaba Health & PICC participate in large-scale project development; and my first studio was founded in 2017, solve all kinds of company 「incurable diseases」, to achieve the demand of 「imagination」.Have been torn between the demand and development of struggle, as in a line of powerhouse, is still in development.

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